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SBW provide composite solutions for marine, commercial & industrial applications utilizing advanced materials and production methods. 

SBW have invested in cutting edge technologies for all aspects of our services, with a curing oven, vacuum table, data loggers & the latest Leak testing equipment, we can guarantee our works & results are industry leading

SBW offer all the services you need to ensure your boat is in race winning condition and your time afloat is trouble free.... We are Insurance approved Racing Dinghy repair specialists.... We undertake race preparation, foil alignment & re roping services for all classes from a laser to an international moth & beyond



Insurance approved Racing Dinghy repair specialists...


From the smallest superficial scratches to major structural repairs SBW have a team with the experience to return your boat to new condition, using only the highest quality materials working with all resin systems including Epoxy, Polyester & vinyl ester 


SBW repairs are invisible, we achieve perfect colour matches by mixing our own colours from a clear base gel with multiple pigments


.If it floats we can fix it...

D One racing dinghy repair

The SBW mission is to build super light, fast & robust performance racing dinghies & custom composites


Current builders of the B14 racing dinghy, Flying Mantis full carbon foiler and multiple other parts


SBW are experienced in taking on custom projects & have a proven record of race winning boats​

SBW also build the range of Miniport electric ships, HF 14 racing paddleboards & a host of other bespoke composite parts for the marine sector & beyond...

SBW excel in short production run projects & one off builds

Vacuum bagging B14 dinghy

SBW have a wealth of experience in custom part fabrication, mould making & design in a variety of composites


SBW can liaise with designers & take CAD drawings to create plugs & tooling to build from 


From one off bespoke parts to multiply runs we are always happy to develop systems that work for you

Solent boat works mould tool manufacturers dosnt need to float to be built by SBW...
Carbon mast repairs

SBW are specialists in the repair of carbon fibre masts, using cutting edge techniques matched with our extensive experience we will ensure your rig is returned to its original condition maintaining its unique feel & bend characteristics 


Our rig repairs are finished in high quality lacquer for ultimate protection & durability

Race preperation

SBW offer a full race prep, rigging & boat tuning service to ensure your time afloat is as smooth & rewarding as it should be


Boat set up is the key to winning, every detail counts from rope selection to cleating angles, we can optimise everything. Our team have a proven track record of fitting out & setting up championship winning boats, from Lasers to the latest foiling moth

Spray painting

SBW offer a full spray painting services from surface preparation, filling & fairing through to final top coat application using the latest high end marine products including Durapox & Jotun systems

We have our own fully set up undercoating bay & access to an onsite paint spraying booth so we can achieve the perfect finish every time

SBW rigging services
Paddleboard mould tool at SBW
Merlin Rocket deck spray SBW
Bespoke, Unique & beautiful

Our highly skilled team are experienced in producing bespoke custom parts for all sectors including marine, automotive & industrial.  


It doesn't need to float to be built at Solent boat works, we like to make unique & beautiful objects using the materials we know best such as wood, epoxy & carbon fibre..


Using cutting edge processes & methods we can blend complimentary materials into concepts & applications they are not usually considered such as furniture, artworks & anything you can dream off.... 

From basic brackets to unique bespoke furniture, SBW are always looking for an interesting project to take from concept to reality 


Carbon furniture
Flying mantis
Bespoke carbon fibre part
Solent boat works clear coat carbon
Clear coat carbon
Carbon horizontal foil
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